February 1, 2017


What’s The RUSH?

“Every day were bridging the gap between physical performance and personal development”


Rush is the backbone of TF Pro Coach’s unique personal/professional coaching service. RUSH is made of 4 key factors that we use to aid individuals to discover, refine and execute actions to unlock their full potential. Each of the parts promotes one’s personal development and when combined in such a unique way they create the perfect environment for one to progress personally and or professionally.

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R – Raw Experience

This is where it all starts, an experience that takes you out of the normal, out of your comfort zone. It takes you to a place where the only thing that matters is you with any facades being stripped back so real strengths, values and beliefs can shine.


 U – Unpack

This is stage two of the RUSH model where reflect on the raw experience from different perspectives and highlight what strengths, believes or values they used during the Raw Experience. These then form a solid platform for the coaching to commence.


S – Synchronize

Here is where it starts to come together where the learning from stage two are synchronized into one’s personal/professional assisted by our professional coach. The coaching is aligned with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) guidelines and criteria keeping it advice free and of the highest quality.

When an individual’s values, strengths and beliefs become aligned with their current position the perfect foundation is created and they are ready for the final step.


H – Happen

All the previous steps lead to this final piece where it’s time to “put your money where your mouth is” so to speak, and make things happen. The professional coach uses their skills to aid the development of an individuals action plan so they can succeed with their goals.