February 2, 2017

Professional Coaching

Benefits Of Coaching

What does a coach do? rock climbing

Have you ever found yourself in any of these positions?

  • Stuck in a rut but not sure what to do about it?
  • Feeling like you are meant for something more in life?
  • Your living but you’re not really living?
  • Wanting more from your personal/professional life?
  • Want to take your career to the next level?
  • Unsure of your next step in life?


Sound familiar? Sounds like you need a coach. Coaching is a unique partnership where the coach helps a client move beyond mental roadblocks, generate mental clarity, create action plans, generate self-motivation, accountability, overcoming limiting beliefs and ultimately supporting the client to uncover their full potential and then fill it. Let TF ProCoach support you in achieving your goals with their unique coaching tools, strategies and experiences to get you on track and performing at your best.


How does coaching work?


TF ProCoach uses their own unique RUSH coaching model to take you out of your comfort zone where to uncover your true strengths and values. We then use this information and knowledge to form the base of the coaching conversations that follow. The coaching conversations are spaced over a number of months to generate sustainable changes. Each client is unique and we create coaching program that is just as unique as our clients.


Not to be confused with other types of personal development such as mentoring, training, consulting which are forms of transferring knowledge from one person to another. Coaching is a unique method of communication that is advice free, future-focused and client centred. If you would like to know more about our coaching programs and if it can work in your current position please get in touch HERE.

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 Rest assured you are working with professional coaches that are qualified and follow leading coaching standards.

22233VIC Diploma of Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Incorporating a certificate IV in business and personal coaching (10547NAT) This certificate is approved by the (ICF) International Coaching Federation and globally recognized.


Follow (ICF)International Coaching Federation Guidelines, Ethics and Regulations

Find the ICF Ethics and Regulations HERE


Qualified HBDI Licensed PractitionerHBDICertifiedLogo

HBDI Practitioner’s License



For any more info on the effects of coaching please get in touch with us HERE