October 24, 2017



Occupation: Academic

Adrenalin Experience: High Ropes Course



“Overall, I am extremely happy with the result I got from TF Pro coach. The coaching sessions helped me to crystallize my objectives and gave me concrete tools to achieve them. I now have a clear way forward and am confident in how I need to progress. TF Pro Coach helped me to understand and figure out my goals and the underlying reasons for these goals.


The adrenaline aspect of the coaching was integral. I was doubtful about how this aspect of the coaching would be useful or tie into the rest of my sessions, but it was the cornerstone of the entire process and I do not think I would have seen the results I did without it. Through the activity I uncovered personal traits and skills; I doubt I would have realized some of these without being pushed outside my comfort zone. While challenging the activity was also a fun and satisfying experience.


The sessions were conducted in a friendly and exploratory manner. Stephen helped guide me through when I was struggling, but also allowed me to take the lead and explore ideas as they came about throughout the sessions. I left each session feeling as though I had a concrete way forward, and even now I have completed my coaching, I am still implementing the things learnt throughout the process. One of the most surprising, and best aspects of the TF Pro Coaching, is that I have seen improvement in areas of my life unrelated to my coaching sessions. I believe this is because of the tools and skills I have picked up through the coaching sessions.


I would highly recommend TF Pro Coaching for anyone who thinks they need guidance, are feeling lost, or just want to improve themselves in some capacity.”