February 1, 2017

Adrenaline Charged Coaching

Adrenaline Charged Coaching

Let us take you on an adrenaline-charged adventure to unlock your own strength and true potential. TF ProCoach helps you step up and make positive changes with the use of unforgettable experiences and a professional coaching.

 mountain-biking-gopro-angle soft edge

 “Don’t sit there and wait for change, go out and grab it with both hands.”



Adrenaline-charged coaching is unlike any other coaching process and we are proud of what we do and the amazing results our clients get from this unique approach. We make your coaching experience and personal or professional development unforgettable. So why we kick off with an activity that takes you out of your comfort zone and gives you that hit of adrenaline. During this process, you are able to discover more about your strengths, values and beliefs that are used to form a strong platform to coach from. This approach creates the perfect environment to take you forward towards your future goals.

For more information on our unique program check out the RUSH page.